21 Mar 2024

Watch the Webinar: The AI Revolution in Diagnosis

Breaking through the triple bind of clinical trust

LifeTech Webinar – Originally Recorded on Wednesday, ay 1, 2024

The human and financial costs of diagnostic error are immense. While the potential impacts of AI-DDS on medical outcomes are truly transformative.

But three new and unfamiliar disconnects continue to frustrate clinical adoption:

  • Regulatory Complexity
  • Clinical Evidence
  • The Black Box of AI/ML

What can developers do to support HCPs, and break through “the triple bind of trust”?

Learn from this expert LifeTech panel of data science, life science and healthcare specialists as they dig deep into this hottest of innovation topics.

Panelists include:

Watch the recording on demand now, and we’ll also send you the soon to be released LifeTech report, The AI Revolution in Diagnosis”.