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Snapshots from the Edge: David Pardoe On the Potential to Transform Disease Prediction & Prevention Via Smartphone Data

David Pardoe of Evotec is back with a look into how everyday data captured via smartphone has the genuine potential to transform both disease prediction and prevention.

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Snapshots from the Edge | Artem Sorokin Explains How Today’s AI Capabilities Open the Door to Real Impacts in Drug Discovery

Friend and partner Artem Sorokin, CEO of CrackenAGI, explains how today’s AI capabilities open the door to real impacts in drug discovery.

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Snapshots from the Edge | Special HLTH Keynote Featuring John Harris’ AI Principles for Life Sciences Leaders

In this special HLTH keynote edition of “Snapshots from the Edge”, John Harris of GT LifeScience lays out three common sense AI principles for leadership.

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Snapshots from the Edge | David Pardoe on AI’s Role in Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

David Pardoe, SVP and Head of Global Molecular Architects at Evotec, lays out the stark challenges for drug discovery, and the urgent response that AI can help to drive. 

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The AI Revolution in Diagnosis Report

Discover how AI-driven diagnostic decision support (AI-DDS) can revolutionize clinical trials by enhancing accuracy, consistency, equity, and efficiency, ultimately reducing human and financial costs of diagnostic errors.

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Watch the Webinar: The AI Revolution in Diagnosis

What can developers do to support HCPs, and break through “the triple bind of trust”?

Watch the webinar to learn more from our expert panel.

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The AI Revolution in Drug Discovery Report

Report available to download that blends up-to-the-minute desk research, with the experience and expertise of renowned commentators from the leading edges of both molecular architecture and AI-enabled data science.

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Watch The AI Revolution in Drug Discovery Webinar On-Demand

Direct from the collision point of data science and life science, watch a no-holds-barred, expert discussion of the real – and present – AI opportunities in drug discovery.

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The Shock of the New Report

Download this whitepaper which summarises key insights and recommendations from our recent research into the experiences and expectations of leadership in successful US- and UK-based medtech, healthtech, and biotech firms.