GT LifeScience is a healthcare leader in data science and analytics, ML
and AI. We combine clinical insight and technical excellence to deliver true commercial impact.

Technology, of course, is critical to the future of healthcare.

But the long route to market carries notorious complexities and unanticipated challenges.

Balancing clinical opportunity and risk demands a unique depth of experience and insight.

GT LifeScience exists to help our clients understand, meet and resolve these challenges.

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What We Do

CEE and Turkey are renowned for producing many of the world’s most talented and motivated technologists.

Building on this unique quantity and quality of skills, GT provides world-class offshore product teams, an end-to-end product development studio, and data science services.

AI/ML and Data Science

GT enhances and automates your data environment by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into software products and process flows. Examples of typical results include developing pattern recognition in diagnostics, using NLP to minimise administrative burden, and leveraging Generative AI for rapid query response.

Delivery Management

Our project execution runs from initiation to completion, built on meticulous project planning, resource allocation, and risk management. Our collaborative cross-team and -functional culture promotes effective communication and stakeholder engagement throughout the lifecycle. We deliver within budget and schedule, while adapting swiftly to changing requirements, and continuously identifying opportunities for process improvement.

Data Insights and Visualisation

Expert in a wide range of reporting tools, and working across all leading cloud providers, GT delivers data-driven insights for significantly improved decision quality. We work to the most exacting data principles, ensuring that data is cleaned, consolidated, and correctly mapped to ensure accuracy.

Front End

By analysing and understanding requirements, goals and preferences we create teams that design and develop the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for the digital product or website. This ensures the experience is visually appealing, user-friendly and meets the specific needs of the target audience.

Quality Management

We streamline operational processes, enhancing product and service quality, collaborating to establish quality standards, implement best practices, and conduct rigorous quality audits. We identify areas for improvement, optimising workflows, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Security Advisory

We assess and reinforce cybersecurity, identifying vulnerabilities, analysing risks, and providing recommendations to safeguard digital assets. We support policy development, security awareness training, and incident response planning, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Back End

This is where data processing, storage, authentication, and other core functions reside. We design and develop tailored server-side applications, databases, and APIs. We ensure data security, optimise performance, and implement stringent authentication and authorization protocols. And we manage server infrastructure, deployment, and maintenance, enabling you to confidently focus on managing your core business.

Product Management

We provide comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle, defining clear product strategies, conducting market research, and prioritising feature development based on customer needs and market trends. Our team helps streamline communication between stakeholders, from ideation to product launch, ensuring efficient project management and resource allocation. We offer guidance on product roadmap planning, user experience design, and agile development methodologies.

Medical Services Desks

This specialist service provides efficient and compassionate support covering all key stakeholders We provide a dedicated and specially trained team, facilitating seamless communication between healthcare professionals and patients, product end users, all focused on better healthcare outcomes.

Our Work

The case studies below bring to life the client challenges we work on, how the GT model works, and how our capabilities extend from clinical insight, through technical excellence, to deliver true commercial impact.
Featured in Fact Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Biotech 2024, Exscientia is re-imagining the way drug discovery is implemented, combining the latest AI techniques with experimental innovation to engineer a new set of processes for drug discovery. They were the first company to automate drug design and are the first to have an AI-designed molecule enter clinical trials.
Traditional drug discovery has been characterised by its slow pace, high costs, and inefficiency. Exscientia’s advanced AI techniques streamline the process, designing and optimising molecules with far greater speed and accuracy.

As with all AI/ML innovations in life sciences, critical for success are a comprehensive understanding of the deeply complex working processes of molecular architects, and how best to align and integrate Exscientia’s workflows with these, to minimise disruption and maximise productivity.  
To help address these core UX and UI challenges, GTLS has provided full stack developer skills with an immediate focus on the automation and optimisation of traditionally time-costly manual processes. 

Of particular utility for scientist end-users is the streamlining of the high volumes and varieties of data, to enable more efficient and economical tracking of experiments against project compounds, alongside the intuitive summary and communication of results.


In close collaboration within Excientia’s team of skilled engineers and UI/UX specialists, GTLS contributions to date include: 
  • New navigation for the application;
  • An interactive view representing statuses of experiments against project compounds per cycle;
  • Reduced technological dept of the applications used by the team.
Scientists are enabled, through a cascade model, to intuitively design experimental workflows, establish criteria, and compare outcomes while tracking and sharing progress, all within the application.
Eagle Genomics is accelerating the microbiome revolution by providing the essential tools to analyse, explore and exploit complex microbiome data. The e[datascientist] network life sciences platform creates a trusted data fabric and an intuitive application framework to support the entire innovation journey, from hypothesis to business outcome.
Eagle Genomics needed to model and test innovations and prototypes developed by its bioinformaticians and scientists, working with pipelines of multi-dimensional data, and mapping existing knowledge into a harmonised and searchable knowledge base. This required specialism in interrogating complex data, alongside Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques.
GT assembled a bespoke prototyping team of tech management, data scientists, ML engineers and bioinformaticians. They built and tested prototypes for production at scale by Eagle Genomics’ engineering partner, as well as preparing the product for successful fundraising.


Multiple data sources were mapped in a three-dimensional graphical database, delivering insights into individual human biomes responses to different stimuli and nutrition. These are embedded into the core Eagle Genomics service, powering critical R&D insights for major CPG, Agritech and Life Science clients. What Eagle Genomics said about their experience
Vodori’s mission is to transform lives by empowering companies to bring regulated products to market faster. Its innovative cloud software is built specifically for the needs of life science organisations and teams, bringing effective content to market with one connected platform.
Given the limited availability of expert resources in North America, Vodori's growth velocity had been outpacing both the speed and talent that an in-house technology partner could support. The firm came to GT to create a cross-functional, cross-continental engineering team.
GT created a multi-year, semi-permanent team structure, blending Vodori’s US and GT’s resources into several scrum teams. The scope ranges from high level visual and functional design, through technical design and architecture to full stack development and QA.


A successful migration was achieved from the legacy tech stack (Clojure) to Java, a critically impacting roadmap. Vodori’s software was transformed to a true SaaS offering. Significantly enhanced AI capabilities were introduced, with powerful new features enabling life science and biotech clients to manage and approve marketing content more quickly, at lower, highly competitive costs, in full compliance with regulatory requirements. Beyond the technology partnership, GT’s executive support for Vodori provided key commercialisation services, reinforcing its marketing capability, and facilitating a European sales partnership with 3Six. What Voidori said about their experience
Platinum Discovery's vision is to help clients drive scientific breakthroughs in advanced therapeutics and diagnostics development. The firm helps to identify new drug targets, biomarkers and therapeutics by designing and delivering programmes that optimise research outcomes.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Platinum had contracted with a major pharmaceutical client to deliver a software solution. The engineers that had started on the project were unable to continue due to the pandemic, so Platinum needed to rapidly outsource the work.
GT carried out a rapid architectural review of the existing technology stack, proposing changes to the existing code base to create a market-ready MVP. GT then formed an engineering team able to integrate new software with complex scientific hardware, rapidly delivering the MVP on time and on budget.


Platinum were enabled to provide a fully automated laboratory management system, delivering dramatic uplifts in performance and efficiency to their client GSK. GT is now putting in place a permanent team to take over and carry the product. Platinum is also a startup, and at leadership level GT has also been helping the firm beyond the scope, advising and making introductions for potential strategic partnerships and alliances, and recruitment. What Platinum Informatics said about their experience
Mundipharma is a world leader in pain management, with a global consumer health portfolio covering therapy areas including anti-infectives, biosimilars, central nervous system (CNS), and oncology. The firm has capabilities across commercial, market access, manufacturing and supply chain, experience in late-phase development and in leading global, multi-centre clinical trials in specialty care.
As Mundipharma evolved from a federated model of localised businesses to a truly global centralised operation, the need to rationalise and standardise data was critical to success. They needed specialised expertise to address complex data challenges across their global business. Success demanded engineering, business intelligence, data architecture, data modelling and data governance skills to run an 18-month program of standardisation.
GT built a Ukrainian team of data analytics and management experts, with a team leader experienced in governing change in a fragmented data environment. The GT team led and supported the transformation and consolidation of data across Mundipharma from a federated model to a single target data architecture. This required effective governance across multiple business units, as well as the hands-on manipulation of data against an agreed data schema. The GT team seamlessly integrated with Mundipharma’s existing staff, while bringing additional skills and perspectives to the table.


The GT model enabled Mundipharma to reduce overhead costs associated with hiring in-house talent, while maintaining a high level of flexibility and scalability. Mundipharma was able to achieve faster turnaround times and more efficient project management, delivering increased productivity and innovation.
Optegra is a leading group of specialised eye hospitals. They offer a range of treatments, including laser eye surgery, lens replacement, and cataract surgery. Optegra focuses on personalised care, employing experienced surgeons and utilising state-of-the-art technology and facilities.
Optegra recognised a critical work flow block in the creation and management of its high volume of Microsoft Power BI reports. Some reports required incremental modifications, while others needed complete redevelopment. Complexity was increased by multiple data vendors and third-party collaborators, and furthermore, all data was presented in Polish.
GT LifeScience created a dedicated team of Polish-speaking Power BI developers, with an experienced delivery manager who had been cooperating with Optegra management on a daily basis. The team rapidly built active working relationships with all third-party collaborators and data vendors, assumed responsibility for data collation, and collaborated closely with Optegra’s team on the preparation of data views and tables. GT LifeScience CTO John Harris also provided regular advisory support to the Optegra C-level team across the project. Our Polish-speaking developers eliminated the language barrier, allowing for the comprehensive analysis and effective management of data presented in Polish. The project streamlined the reporting process and immediately improved efficiency in report creation and editing. Vendor and third party relationships were enhanced and streamlined, facilitating smoother data collection and preparation of data views.


Optegra is able to impact patient value and service delivery, measuring the effectiveness and timeliness of surgery schedules. Further operational benefits include:
  • Analysis and improvement in call centre cold-call processes;
  • Improved marketing and advertising analytics with potential patients;
  • Granular insights into hospital operating budgets, improving quality and efficiency.
3SIX Health is a strategic consulting, organisational development and communications specialist, driven by a belief that navigating healthcare can be unnecessarily complex. The firm wants to work with all parties working in and around healthcare to change this, using its experience in science, business, pharmaceuticals and disruptive technology, and its extensive networks from a combined 40 years in business and healthcare.
At the start of the pandemic, 3SIX focused on providing Covid-19 testing services to both consumer and corporate customers. The overarching need was to make the user and purchasing experiences compliant, high-quality, smooth and simple. Speed of delivery and cost control were equally critical to success.
Several discrete projects emerged from these requirements:
  • Several discrete projects emerged from these requirements: An ecommerce platform, including website hosting and design, payment processing and order fulfilment.
  • A lateral flow verification platform, enabling the user to upload a picture of a completed test and, upon approval, gain a certificate allowing them to travel safely in line with government regulations.
  • A corporate self-service kiosk, a mobile tech solution enabling ~350 staff across 5 separate sites to register their tests.
  • An English-speaking Ukrainian team of nurses.


The 3SIX covid testing service was launched as an MVP within two weeks of planning. The results were a system which took over 10,000 transactions, and a test verification service which approved over 20,000 LFTs. 3SIX was quickly established as a leading provider of UK testing services, with the highest rating of over 1500 trust pilot reviews, an average of 4.8/5). Within two weeks, they were also able to source and train three highly skilled professional nurses from the GT network. What 3SIX Health said about their experience

How We Deliver

In just four years, GT has successfully placed more than 120 engineers, with 23 clients, across seven different life sciences sectors, including healthtech, medtech and biotech.

Extended Teams

A handpicked, dedicated team of software engineers that integrate directly with your core business and are managed by you. HR administration, monthly check-in’s with every team-member, bureaucracy, and reporting is on our side.

Project Teams

Exceptional overall support and management of our relationship at the executive level. Exemplary engineering team talent, work ethic, and resilience to deliver results on time and in line with your business request. for a requested period of time will be supplied at a high level.

Data & Insights

A one-stop solution for data architecture, data visualisation, advanced analytics, process automation and data integration.

Product Studio

A fast, low-cost path to MVP and beyond using a low-code platform. We validate new product ideas and build a functional product to show investors and early adopter customers.

Product Planning

Silicon Valley-proven executive advice and guidance on organisational planning, investor pitch decks, product design, feature innovation and roadmap discipline.

Delivery Management

We oversee the end-to-end process of getting your products or services to customers efficiently and reliably, meeting delivery targets, reducing costs, and creating a seamless experience.

People Say

Our clients have kindly provided these endorsements for our recent work. Click on each quote to watch a short video summarising our impacts for each project.

“I’m confident in the team, in their experience and in their knowledge. Incredible workers, and happy people!”

Ross Grey


“The talent in terms of the raw skills, the cultural fit, the work ethic, and the desire and passion to become a single, integrated, effective unit.”

Scott Rovegno


"Deep expertise in terms of healthcare, drug discovery and lab work. Our client was delighted and we were delighted."

Mukesh Moorjani


“A team of fellow professionals who provide thought leadership, insight and most of all, strong partnership.”

Melanie Manners

Director of People

Our Leadership

Andy Baynes Chief executive officer

Former Apple & Google Executive. Investor, Serial Entrepreneur. Product design and innovation expert.

Nikita Gorskykh Chief financial officer

Fortune 500 experience and expertise in emerging technologies.

John Harris Chief technology officer

Former Global CTO at Mundipharma and Chief Architect at GSK.

Michael Bayler Chief Strategy Officer

25 years of strategic experience across multiple sectors including life sciences, telco and technology.

Kevin Deane Board Advisor

25 years Life Sciences leadership experience in consulting, product innovation and system development. Former partner at PA.

KEN FYVIE Board Advisor

40 years Life Sciences leadership experience in commercial development, investment research and corporate finance. Former partner at PA.

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